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Sweet Jesus, Don't Show This To The Action News Team!

In theory, Syracuse University's MayFest (which TNIAAM commenter Sportzbelle correctly in April?) is a "celebration of creativity and discovery."

But in practice, it looks a whole helluva lot more like this:

Hanging out in a party setting in just a bikini? Gauche.
Hanging out in a party setting in a bikini with a purse? Classy.

Is that "Short Dick Man" playing in the background? Aren't there horrible dance songs being produced in 2008? (I'm asking seriously, I don't club much...if you can imagine) Do we really need to crib from 1994?

Wait, wait, wait...the guy at the very end of the video who is...singing?...I his bling a golden Chai? Sweet! Almost makes up for the other singer's ironic mustache and sleeveless T.


(Ed. Note - Yep. He goes by the name of "Fat Jew." I approve. In fact, he and his mustachioed partner are actually part of a power trio.)