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Some Wounds Never Heal. They Just Relocate To Rochester.

Remember Shane Sutliff? Shane was the voice of all those raging Raging Bullz season-ticket holders, all 12 of then, when the ABA franchise bolted town. Shane was bothered, to say the least, by the move.
"I'm just really upset. I feel as a season-ticket holder, I was misled."
Time heals all wounds, right? Especially those inflicted by semi-pro sports franchises who existed for mere months. Someone decided to check in with Shane to see if the bitterness has faded. Not bloody likely...
"I will not describe in some of the words I would like to of my rage at them folding. But I was outraged."
See now I would figure "outraged" would more than suffice the pain of losing your favorite ABA team which had only played two games in its entire history. Clearly, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Sutliff isn't all doom and gloom though. He has hope that another pro team can catch on in Syracuse. And he's even got a gameplan:
"If a team is going to make it here, you’ve got to market. You’ve got to market the team and have very good customer service."
If anyone knows all too well the pains of poor sports-related customer service, it's Shane. He's still waiting on that refund for his Bullz season tickets. Please God, cut the man some slack and get the USBL in town ASAP...

(Yep, that is Shane in the photo. He's also a bit of a cat enthusiast...)