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The SOBs - Worst Non-Game-Related Moment

(For a full schedule of SOB announcements today and tomorrow, please check here)

It's time to award the SOB for Worst Non-Game-Related Moment of the 2007-2008 basketball season. This is the event or thing or happening that was not part of an actual game that brought out the worst in Syracuse basketball.

While one event run away with the award, there were quite a few other moments the bloggers thought were worth noting:

All of 10,000 folks showing up in the Dome for the NIT game against Robert Morris. Syracuse fans are better than that. - Matt, HoyaSuxa

Justin Thomas slipping and falling on ice hurting himself again. The kid has gone through so many injuries already, he finally gets a chance to play a few minutes a game and he falls on some ice. - Jameson, CuseAdelphia

Jim Boeheim Bashing. I guess a National Championship and membership to the Basketball Hall of Fame is not enough for some members of Orange Nation. While every fan thinks they would make a better coach, Jim Boeheim is a lot better than the flack he was taking. He has been proven time and again to be an excellent coach, and with the depth of his bench, probably put in one of the top five seasons of his career just to earn the wins he did. While occasionally criticizing is warranted, the blatant and ignorant bashing was simply unacceptable. - Brian, Orange44

The random rumors I'd hear once in awhile about Paul Harris not coming back next season... that would be tragic. - Nick, Nick's 2 Cents

Technically, Greg Robinson was retained in late November, during basketball season - Three Idiots on Sports

Andy Rautins' injury. It was in a game but not an SU game... - Josh, Cuse Country

The short-lived "Dynasty" theme. - Syracusan, Cuse Country

All solid choices, but in the end nothing stood out as an eyesore much like
Scoop Jardine and CheesesteakGate.

Easily Cheesesteakgate. It did, after all, introduce us to a pathetic 40-year old man who spent his free time hanging out on a college campus. - Brent Axe, The Axeman

Got meal card? The "Scoop" Jardine story! A close second place, the "Mini Kiss" concert! - A.E.M., The Orange Squeeze

[The] Jardine incident. The team didn't need another distraction. - Howie, Sports Night With Howie Mansfield

The Cheesesteakgate issue without a doubt. Boneheaded move by Scoop Jardine, cost him and the team valuable playing time. - Ray, OrangeHoops

Cheesesteakgate did so much. It introduced us to 40-year-old hanger-on Robert Washington, it brought Syracuse's Denny's back into the limelight and it just all sounded so dumb that it had to be true. The real heroes of it all? Those two girls who never got in trouble and ran like hell when the cops came a-callin' - Me, TNIAAM

Congrats, I think, to Scoop. Next up, the SOB for Best Syracuse Player Photo over at Nick's 2 Cents.