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The SOBs - The One Play We Wish We Could Do Over

And so the SOBs continue. While technically I suppose this isn't an "award," it's still an important reference point for the season. As you can imagine, not just one event comes to mind. In fact, apparently it's more like four.

First up, one you may have forgotten about. Jonny Flynn's Missed Three Against UConn (2/6)

I think we should have gone for the tie and see what happens in overtime. After being down nine with 3 minutes left, Syracuse clawed back into, but came up short. A win here could have changed so much, including the outcome of the Pittsburgh game. - Howie, Sports Night With Howie Mansfield

How about Eric Devendorf's ACL Injury? That as good for two votes. This season-changing moment received two votes. Technically, Matt at HoyaSuxa says "Any play that preceded Devendorf shredding his knee against ETSU" but we're going to count it towards this. Cuse Country's Syracusan sums it up:

The obvious choice here would be Paul Harris at the end of the Pitt game. Or perhaps Jonny's 3 finding the net at Georgetown. But I'm going to go with this: one minute into the second half against East Tennessee State, Syracuse is already up 30, and there's a scramble for a loose ball after a rebound. If I could go back in time and convince Eric Devendorf to ignore the action and just head back to the other end of the court, that's what I'd do. - Syracusan,
Cuse Country

Perhaps Jonny Flynn's missed three-pointer in the loss to Georgetown is an obvious choice...because it's three people did in fact choose it:

Jonny Flynn's three against G'town. That shot goes, then maybe we go to the NCAA's. - Brent,
The Axeman

I know the end of the Pitt game is going to run away with this one, but I'm going to put in a vote for the end of regulation at Georgetown, we had to make one shot to win on the road against a top-5 team -- but didn't get it done despite two tries at it. - Josh,
Cuse Country

I'm gonna go with Flynn's 3-pointer to beat Georgetown (rattled out). If that goes in, we sweep Georgetown for the season, add another Top 25 win to our cache and probably sneak into the NCAA Tournament. But I won't blame anyone if they go with Harris' pass against Pitt. - Me, TNIAAM

And I most certainly do not blame the six bloggers who did vote for Paul Harris' blunderous inbounds pass against Pitt that completed the most gut-wrenching collapse of the season.

This is the one that I had to think about least of all. The inbound play against Pittsburgh that ended up in Paul Harris' hands under the SU basket. - A.E.M.,
The Orange Squeeze

Pitt inbounds. 'Nuff said on that one. - Jameson,

Easy. The play vs Pittsburgh where they HAD to foul us and we handed the ball, game and Tourney bid over to them. - Nick,
Nick's 2 Cents

The Paul Harris turnover in the Pitt game - again, this isn't even close. Hold the ball Paul. -
Three Idiots on Sports

The inbounds pass to Paul Harris at the end of the Syracuse/Pitt game. - Ray,

How is this a contest? If we used a time out, got it to someone else, put the ball in a better position, or if someone else came to help the game could have been different. We probably would have made the NCAA Tournament, or at least the pressure would have been a little less on the team. Either way, it was heartbreaking to watch in person or on television, not to mention the replays on ESPN the rest of the day. - Brian,

And there you have it, if the Syracuse Bloggers could go back in time, they wouldn't assassinate Hitler or talk to Jesus...they'd find Paul Harris right before the Pitt game and tell him "whatever you do, at the end of the game, DO NOT be the inbound guy."
There's only two more SOBs. At 6:00pm, head on over to CuseAdelphia to find out the Favorite Player Quote award and then I'll see you back here for the awarding of the MVP.