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The SOBs - MVP and Closing Ceremonies

To paraphrase Gandalf, And so we come to it at last...the great decision of our time. Who have the Syracuse Online Bloggers (compared to the Syracuse Offline Bloggers) decided was the 2007-2008 Most Valuable Player of the Syracuse Men's Basketball team?

Only two players were nominated, and even then, it wasn't exactly a close call.
Coming in 2nd place with one vote...Kristof!

Most people would go with either Donte Greene or even more so, Jonny Flynn. I choose to go with someone that probably won't get many other votes. Kristoff Ongenaet is my choice. Why? Well, because had Eric Devendorf not gotten hurt he probably wouldn't have gotten much playing time at all. Instead, he became a starter and I think he did a good job for the skills he had. He played the best defense on the team (I think) and understood that he was a role player, always playing within himself and not trying to do what he knew he could not.
- A.E.M., The Orange Squeeze

And now, the MVP of the Syracuse Orange, as voted on by the SOB voters.. Master Jonathan Flynn:

He played approximately 100 trillion minutes this year and sucked for only about 4% of the time he was on the floor. - Matt, HoyaSuxa

He should win this award alone on the total number of minutes he played.
- Brent, The Axeman

Anyone who can play for about 400 minutes straight gets the nod in my book. He stepped up and scored when needed to and distributed the ball at the same time.
- Jameson, CuseAdelphia

Without Jonny Flynn we wouldn't have won te… you get the ideal. The learning curve was sharp for this young team, but Flynn took the helm, willingly or not, and became a floor general in front of our very eyes. Playing the most minutes I have seen anyone play in a season, Flynn got the experience of big time college basketball and handled the job commendably. He even got to play hero a couple of times. - Brian, Orange44

As a freshman, Flynn stepped into a leadership role without Rautins and Devendorf, and held his own. Flynn went through the usually freshman mistakes, but held himself above water most of the time and it showed. He carried himself well and did everything he could for this team.
- Howie, Sports Night With Howie Mansfield

It's a short list of possibilities but he hit a legit game-winner in the St. Joe's game and gave me FAR fewer headaches than other potential winners (Paul Harris and Donte' Greene) - Nick, Nick's 2 Cents

It has to be Jonny Flynn. He played more minutes than anyone - and as a frosh he held the team together when Devo went down. We could also understand Harris here, but he coasted the first part of the year.
- Three Idiots on Sports

He had his up nights and his down nights, but you never saw him disappear, he was one of the few players who didn’t seem to tire over the course of a game despite having no backup, and he seemed to be able to adapt his game depending on the situation. If SU needed him to score, he’d tried to score…if he needed to be a playmaker, he was. - Ray, OrangeHoops

To paraphrase a wise man: "Without Jonny Flynn we wouldn't have won ten [profane] games this year. OK? Not ten." - Josh, Cuse Country

Kristof was possibly the MVP down the stretch, and Donte was probably -- for all his faults -- the best player. But the MVP has to be Jonny Flynn. There were times out there when it seemed like he was the only one interested in winning games.- Syracusan, Cuse Country

How could it not be Jonny Flynn? He put the team on his back and became the backbone on which everything else was built on. Harris' resurgence is directly-related to his camaraderie with Flynn and the fact that there was very little discomfort between all the offensive players on the floor meant the PG was doing his job well. - Me, TNIAAM

And there you have, congrats to Jonny for the most prestigious and final SOB of the season.
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Hope you enjoyed the 2nd annual SOBs as much as we enjoyed presenting them. See you back here next for what we hope will be a The One Play You Wish We Could Do Over-Free SOBs!