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The SOBs - Favorite Game

The 2008 SOB Awards got off to a good start this morning over at The Orange Squeeze with the announcement of Kristof! as Best Junior. Now, I have the honor of introducing the SOB for Favorite Game of the 2007-2008 season:

Oddly enough, receiving one vote was the East Tennessee State game. You know, the one where Eric Devendorf lost the use of his ACL. It's more of an experience though than appreciating the outcome:

East Tennessee State... I didn't even watch it, just the online scoring.. and I was as giddy as a school girl in a pillow fight watching those big numbers go on the board. - Nick,
Nick's 2 Cents

Also receiving one vote was the loss at Georgetown:

The loss to Georgetown. It was the game where I truly saw emotion from each and every player and where they had sucked the emotions out of the opponents. A game that if the Orange had won no one would have said the other team gave it to them. - A.E.M.,
The Orange Squeeze

Looks like my theory about a future rivalry between SU and Maryland has some basis, as the Orange's win over the Terrapins in the NIT garnered 1.5 votes:

My personal favorite was beating Maryland (partly because I was there, mostly because I got to lord it over everyone at UMD the following week) - Josh,
Cuse Country

In the end, it had to be the Georgetown win. 8 and a half votes sealed this runaway victory and the SU bloggers had plenty to say of the game's significance:

Annihilating Georgetown in another totally-meaningful-at-the-time-yet-ultimately-useless-to-get-into-the-NCAA's victory. - Matt,

Beating Georgetown at home on Feb 16. - Brent Axe,
The Axeman

Great atmosphere for...the GTOWN rivalry - Jameson,

Simply, the most important game on the schedule. You can lose games here or there, but it is awful if you lose to your rival on your home floor. Syracuse was not going to let that happen. The 'Cuse played an almost perfect game against the Hoyas, and earned a huge win on a national stage. Added enjoyment points for me as it was Alumni Weekend for the Sour Sitrus Society, oh yeah, and I was possibly inebriated in the Carrier Dome. - Brian,

They needed that win and took care of business. - Howie,
Sports Night With Howie Mansfield

[Has to be] the Georgetown win at home. -
Three Idiots on Sports

The February 16th win over Georgetown. Syracuse handled the Hoyas that day, and showed they could play with any team in the country. - Ray, OrangeHoops

Bleh. Beating Georgetown at home I guess. Whatever. - Syracusan,
Cuse Country

The win over Georgetown and subsequent storming of the court. Does that make me an cretin? So be it. - Me, TNIAAM

So there you have it, SU's win over Georgetown wins the SOB for Favorite Game. Enjoy some postgame footage below and then head on over to OrangeHoops for the announcement of Most Surprising Player.