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The SOBs Are Back!

Hey, remember the SOB Awards? No? Not at all? Not even a little? Alrighty then...

Last year, a couple of us Syracuse bloggers got together and handed out some awards to SU basketball after the season. After season is over and it's only natural that the Syracuse Orange Blogger (SOB) Awards return. And this time there's even more of us to hand them out. We're like a virus...we keep spreading and multiplying until we've infected the whole damn lot of you.

Like last year, we're going to spread the announcements out over the course of two days and across all of the participating SU blogs. Keep an eye on the schedule below and get ready on Thursday and Friday morning to settle in to an entire day of awarding (word?).

9:00AM Best Junior The Orange Squeeze
10:00AM Favorite Game TNIAAM
11:00AM Most Surprising Player OrangeHoops
12:00PM Worst Non-Game-Related Moment TNIAAM
1:00PM Best Syracuse Player Photo Nick's 2 Cents
2:00PM Worst Moment Cuse Country
3:00PM Most Disappointing Player CuseAdelphia
4:00PM Best Syracuse Video Orange44
5:00PM Best Sophomore Sports Night With Howie Mansfield
6:00PM/Evening Favorite Boeheim Quote The Axeman


10:00AM Most Improved Player Cuse Country
11:00AM Biggest Villain/Nemesis HoyaSuxa
12:00PM Best Freshman Sports Night with Howie Mansfield
1:00PM Worst Game Nick's 2 Cents
2:00PM Best Boeheim Photo Three Idiots on Sports
3:00PM Best Non-Game-Related Moment The Orange Squeeze
4:00PM Favorite Moment Orange44
5:00PM One Play You Wish We Could Do Over OrangeHoops
6:00PM Favorite Player Quote CuseAdelphia