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The "On The Block" First Show Live-Blog

If you read this or pretty much any Syracuse blog, you probably know that today is the first day for On The Block, Brent Axe's radio show on ESPN1260 in Syracuse. While anyone who wants can listen to the show live, I think we can all agree that just like a Presidential inauguration or Olympic torch lighting, it's a momentous occasion deserving of something more. Clearly, this is an event that needs to be documented on the World Wide Intertubes with delicate grace. I'm not quite sure what I'll be gleaning from the proceedings but I'll give it a whirl.

(And as a reminder, barring some sort of craziness I'll be a guest on the program tomorrow at 4pm EST/1pm PST. Those of you who have imagined I have a voice akin to Robert Goulet will be sorely disappointed. For a full list of guests over the next few days, some of whom are only slightly more well-known than I, check here)

2:56 PM - Before the show begins, I think it's only fair to recognize the great work that Stephen A. Smith did and how grateful the people of Syracuse were to hear some of his great radio moments over the last few months. Who will ever forget that time Stephen said something extremely loud and made it sound so important? Your memory will live on forever Stephen, especially in Quad Cities, Fresno, Biloxi and whatever other markets you have left.

3:00PM - "It's Time...For Onnnn The Block...With Brent Axe..." Good announcer work, I approve. "Look who they let back on the radio..." First words from Axe, words that will live in infamy. Or possibly not.

3:06PM - How long did it take Axe to make us picture him in his underwear? Six minutes. I hope you took the under.

3:08PM - "Where we you at the exact moment SU won the national title in 2003?" I was sitting in Sharkeez Bar in Manhattan Beach, CA with an orange and blue blanket wrapped around me, sitting next to a dozen Syracuse fans jumping up and down celebrating much to the chagrin of the surprisingly large Kansas contingent all around us.

3:15PM - Talking National Title game...personal prediction? Memphis 71, Kansas 67. Not so much cause I think Memphis is that much better but just because Kansas just feels destined to be a runner-up.

3:17PM - Quad Cities, Fresno, Biloxi...I'm sorry for getting your hopes up. Stephen A., fare thee well.

3:25PM - Axe is excited to be a part of the ESPN Family. Hopfully he'll steer clear of the wolves in the parking lot.

3:29PM - Axe comments that he's "going to come at us straight." He hasn't even had Greg Robinson on the show yet and he's already falling into his lexicon. Once the gosh darns start flowing, be afraid...

3:34PM - Blogger shout out! Axe makes up for referring to the Declaration of Independence as a tool created for the sole purpose of providing his sports show with a forum. We're 34 minutes in and Axe has already gone Fat Elvis on us...

3:36PM - First caller "Rick from Syracuse" pulls the old "listening to the radio while waiting" tricker. Bear with us, Axe. It's been a while so we're all a little rusty...

3:41PM - They've got some short-ass commercial breaks on the station. Mind you, I'm not complaining, extremely refreshing actually. Just throws me for a loop...I barely have time to shake after I pee before I have to run back. We're gonna need a pause button on that webplayer ASAP.

3:43PM - Former SU lacrosse star Rick "from Syracuse" Beardsley checks in and sends some warm wishes to Axe. Awwww....

3:48PM - Jim Kelly bails?!? An early 90's Buffalo Bill ultimately failing to accomplish what they set out to do??? Blasphemy!

3:51PM - Whew, Jim Kelly comes through. For once. (Sorry Axe, that's what you get from a Giants fan)

4:02PM - Can Jim Kelly ever have a public conversation again that doesn't involve the phrase"wide right?" Probably not. To be fair, Axe is right, four Super Bowls in a row is still pretty impressive. Even the Patriots won't do that.

4:11PM - Axe's studio partner is about to make out with Jim Kelly through the phone. We could be making radio history here...stay tuned.

4:17PM - What are the chances someone is going to call in to discuss where they were when SU won the title and start their story with, "So I'm lowering a bucket down to a girl I used to keep in my basement pit, when..."

4:20PM - That's right, Axe. I'm live-blogging. Enough of the Jim Kelly fawning...

4:23PM - When Syracuse won the national title, one caller says it felt like "someone instantly took 180 pounds off my shoulders." So we at least know it wasn't Patrick Shadle weighing him down.

4:31PM - Mike from South Carolina says he checks in with Axe's blog and that makes him a loser. I shudder to think how far down the chain I am. (Don't answer that).

4:38PM - For those of you who had "Saddam Hussein references" in your On The Block Reference Pool, go ahead and collect!

4:47PM - "The single greatest day in Syracuse sports radio history" says Scott. The Manchild weeps.

4:49PM - When I was at SU, my friends and I had a conversation every month that went something like this.

"Dude, we should absolutely go to a Crunch game."
"Looks like fun."
"Yeah, and it's hella cheap."
"Aight. We're going. Pass me another Keystone Dry."

Number of Crunch games we attended total? Zero. (And for the record, I've never used the phrase "hella" in my life)

5:05PM - Do you think there's someone out there who just turned off the radio and said to himself, "What the...where's Stephen A??? THIS IS BULLSHIT!" There's gotta be one, right?

5:10PM - Why do I picture Axe going home and strapping his daughter down Clockwork-Orange-style, forcing her to watch old Syracuse games in order to train her? Keep the eyedropper handy.

5:15PM - Axe says all it takes is one person to post information on the Internet about football practices and it spreads like wildfire. Well sources tell me that at practice today, Andrew Robinson killed and ate Cameron Dantley with a knife and fork. SPREAD IT!

5:23PM - God bless Axe, I'm already fading and he's still got 40 minutes. And I'm not even doing anything!

5:25PM - Here's an interesting topic. If SU loses the 2003 title game and then the rest of history plays out the same, what is Jim Boeheim's legacy? And is Boeheim actually in trouble of getting pushed out right now if that's the case? Never underestimate the power of a championship.

5:32PM - The Carrier Dome PA Announcer sounds like he's doing his best 3am QVC impression. "We've got McNabb...we've got Csonka...we've got Jim Brown...BE DIALING! You don't want to miss this deal!"

5:38PM - Check out the auction he was discussing here.

5:45PM - Look out, call screener Danny is pulling a Dwight Schrute on Day 1, deeming himself Assistant Regional Manager Executive Producer. If you call in and speak with him, play up your interest in beet farming.

5:51PM - "The best Syracuse sports blog period." I'm blushing. I have so many people to thank. Well, just Axe really.

Axe, your check is in the mail.

5:52PM - Notice no mention of DOCTOR Gross' blog. What's up now, DOC?

5:53PM - And that's a wrap. A great show and a great start to Axe Era II. Obviously I won't be live-blogging tomorrow...I'll be too busy soiling myself getting ready to be on the show. Tune in to hear from Orange44's Brian Harrison as well. Oh, and some guy who is involved with the athletic program...Tim Bayhein or something like that.

Alright, now I actually have to go do some work today. Good day, madams and sirs.