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My Weekend Was Less Stabby Than The Syracuse Basketball Team's

After a weekend spent in Vegas for a bachelor party, it goes without saying that there are always a few stories to tell. To protect the innocent (and much more so, the guilty), I'll refrain from specifics except to say that betting on horses with vaguely Syracuse-ish names is not a sound strategy (thanks for nothing, OttosLotto).

But while the weekend was a blast, fun was had and hijinks ensued, at least we can say that no one got hurt. The SU basketball team can't say the same...alledgedly.
A Syracuse man, who was allegedly trying to protect members of the SU men's basketball team from being harassed, was stabbed early Saturday morning outside the Trexx Nightclub in Syracuse.
Let's get right into the top five things about this story:

#1 - The SU Men's Basketball was...alledgedly...hanging out at Trexx Nightclub. Trexx is a club that, according to their website, serves "Gay, Str8 and everything in-between with pride 3 nights a Week." That last statement is also written in multi-colored, or "rainbow" writing. Yes, Trexx is a gay bar. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, if member(s) of the SU Men's Basketball team were hanging out there, well, let's just say the SU Athletics PR staff is crapping their pants right now.

#2 - The stabee, Woshua Kushkituah, who does not have a Facebook or MySpace account (of course I checked...) said "he had been inside the nightclub when he saw some of the basketball players being harassed by some other men inside the club." With the knowledge of #1, "being harassed by some other men" takes on a whole new slew of possibilities.

#3 - According to the report, "Kushkitueah was stabbed four times in his back. He's expected to be OK." know, when you fall down and skin your knee, you're expected to be OK. When you get stabbed four times in the back, OK is not really an option anymore. You're pretty much crossing your fingers on "expected to retain full use of vertebrae" and should be happy with that.

#4 - There very well may be a throng of men cruising the greater Syracuse area on the weekends, pretending to be the Syracuse Men's basketball team in order to curry favor at local gay bars. Let's just hope for that, shall we? Otherwise, the fact that there are not one but two sets of "longtime friends" on the team right now is really going to get too much attention.

#5 - WSYR showed considerable restraint by coupling the news report with a photo of a police siren, instead of say...

Oh and reports say that Donte Greene said he was going to attend the bar that evening as well, then backtracked and said he was 50/50 before deciding ultimately not to show up. Figures.