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Minor Concerns

I don't usually discuss non-SU-related Syracuse sports unless it involves the possibility the team could be named after a sexual act. That said, it's fairly exciting time to be a Syracusean/Syracusian/Syracusite.

The Crunch are in the midst of a playoff battle with something called the Manitoba Moose. And the Chiefs, who may or may not one day be a Mets affiliate, are playing good ball. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the Chiefs have even managed to bring in some high priced talent to appear at their games. Don't believe me? Well I have the press release to prove it and press releases don't lie!
The Syracuse Chiefs announced today that WWE Diva Lilian Garcia will make a special appearance at the team's game against the Toledo Mud Hens on June 25. Garcia, the ring announcer on WWE Raw, will perform the National Anthem prior to the game and then sign autographs for fans on the concourse from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Photos of Garcia will be available at the game for fans to purchase.
Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I can certainly see the crossover appeal and the interest in meeting Ms. Garcia. But there's just a couple bonus portions of the release that caught my eye.
"We are pleased to bring in this very talented performer from one of the major entertainment companies in the world," said Chiefs General Manager John Simone.
My guess is that before the season started, they wrote down this boilerplate quote from Simone. Then, as different celebs make appearances, the quote's generic parts are supposed to be filled in. You know, like, "We are please to bring in LILLIAN GARCIA, this very talented performer from the WWE." Might I suggest an INSERT NAME OF VERY TALENTED PERFORMER HERE placement in the future.
Garcia's first single "Shout" was released in 2002 and became a hit. Her Spanish language debut album ¡Quiero Vivir! was released in October 2007 and includes 12 tracks and two duets - one featuring Latin recording artist Jon Secada.
"and became a hit." Um...can I get some data on that? I'm not so sure SoundScan would back that up. Or are we just using "pornstar" logic (i.e. if you appear in one porno, you're a "pornstar." If you record one song, it's a "hit.")

And why do Latin recording artists always have to referred to as Latin recording artists? I remember Jon Secada, I know who he is. He had that song, you know, the latin one... You'd probably never hear them introduce "African-American recording artist Nas" or "Jewish recording artist Neil Diamond," would you? Although to be honest, that does kinda sound fun now that I think about it. Good luck with Lenny Kravitz...

Okay, my Andy Rooney impression is over. Enjoy the Crunch and the Chiefs ladies and gentlemen. And for God's sake, when a very talented performer from one of the major entertainment companies in the world comes to town, you don't want to miss it!