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Let's Hope No One Else Declares Over The Weekend

I'm taking an early weekend so you're just gonna have to get your Cuse fix elsewhere until Monday. I don't have time for an official link dump so I'll just say make sure you check out Smittblog's detest for Donte, another frosh makes the jump and makes Donte's draft status drop and either this is a Facebook group dedicated to convincing Donte Greene to return to SU or its dedicated to getting a third Clerks movie going...toss-up.

Brian Harrison from Orange44 is (finally) going to be on Axe's show tomorrow so be sure to tune in. I regret that I won't be able to live blog it but I urge you to do it instead. And if you can't live blog it, live blog someone else's live blog of it.

And go watch some lacrosse already, will ya?