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Lacrosse Here...Get Your Lacrosse Here...Only A Nickel...

Princeton vs. Syracuse.

If you're a lacrosse fan, it doesn't get any better than that. It sounds insane considering the recent past but these two programs own 14 of the last 20 national titles, many of which were won by defeating the other. Throw out the records when these two teams meet (which is something 4-3 Princeton is happy to do).

The #1 Orange (7-1) will try to win their sixth straight when the #17 Tigers come to town on Saturday. The Tigers, ranked fifth in the preseason poll, began the year at 2-3, including losses to Hopkins and Virginia. They've since rattled off two-straight wins (Rutgers, Yale) and righted the ship.

Comparisons to last year's Syracuse team are certainly warranted. A loss here and the Tigers will have yet to beat any of the top-tier programs this season and will find themselves in danger of dropping out of the top twenty. In fact, this senior class is on the verge of never having been to a Final Four, something that hasn't occurred in a long time. Luckily for them, only Cornell looms as a tough opponent in their remaining games.

Princeton's style will be not unlike that of SU's recent opponent Loyola. Slowed down, deliberate and possession-oriented. Expect whichever team can adjust to their other's style quicker to take the upper hand.

The women have their own rival to worry about. #6 Georgetown (8-2) comes to town Saturday
to take on the #5 Syracuse Orange (9-2). The Orange have a little extra incentive besides the obvious...the chance to win their first game over a top ten team this season. Their previous two efforts, Northwestern and Virginia, both ended in losses.

The Hoyas and the Orange share a common thread in that they've both lost to No. 1 Northwestern. Whereas the Orange fell apart in the 2nd half of a 19-7 loss, Georgetown only lost by one goal to the Wildcats. Thought as far as SU coach Gary Gait is concerned, it doesn't make a difference:
"I see it's an L," Gait said. "It shows they can be patient with the ball on offense. It was a little different Northwestern team than what we saw here after watching the game. They were able to take advantage of being patient, but they still ended up where we did."
As you may have noticed, both the women and the men play in the Dome on Saturday and SU is taking full advantage.
Syracuse will celebrate the first 10 years of the women’s program by recognizing almost 30 former players, including eight current and former All-Americans, at halftime of its game against Georgetown. Then, at halftime of the men’s game versus Princeton, SU will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the men’s undefeated 1988 national championship team.
Hall of Famers Roy Simmons Jr., Paul Gait, Pat McCabe, team captain Neil Alt, Rodney Dumpson and Matt Palumb are all expected to be on hand. And of course, Gary Gait will be there for both events (he kinda doesn't have a choice in the first part). If you've been waiting for a reason to show up for a lacrosse game, this is probably your best bet of the season.