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Lack Of MayFest Bloodshed Disappointing

Random video of SU students drinking and enjoying the weather intercut with shots of police cars...that can mean only one thing. MAYFEST!

That's right, the annual event that apparently celebrates "student creativity, discovery and diversity" was yesterday. Naturally, the coverage of the event was all about the most important aspects of the day. How many people got arrested???

Sadly, the local SU news teams did not give us an opus like Action 3 News' "Beer Over Brains" piece from last year (which may or may not have won a Peabody Award). News 10 did provide us with the aforementioned SU students causally enjoying themselves/police cars ready to run them over at any given moment montage, so they get a B for trying.

It sounds like it was a pleasant day for all, even inspiring one student to make a rather bold comparison:
"The whole situation reminds me of Spain, when I was visiting the plazas," she said. "There were people drinking and smoking, and the police didn't care."
Ah, Syracuse, you're just Barcelona with 40% less sweating.

And for the hell of it, let's watch that old newscast, shall we?