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Just Keep Adding Bowls Until 4-8 Is Good Enough to Qualify

Nice find by Jameson at CuseAdelphia, there's some early predictions in for the college bowl games (hey, if we're already seeing Bracketology there's no reason not to see bowl game predictions). While hope springs eternal at Syracuse, that hope hasn't made its way out of Onondaga County just yet as SU is nowhere to be found in the predictions.

That's fine. I don't think anyone, SU fan or not, is banking of the Orange going to a bowl right now. As Jameson said, it's not likely but it is possible. Six wins will do it and the Big East SHOULD be softer this year than in recent ones. The Road To Toronto remains open, the Orange only need take the first step. And then five more.

As for the Big East teams that do show up in the bowl predictions...

Pointsettia Bowl:
Utah vs. Cincinnati

PapaJohn' Bowl:
Rutgers vs. Marshall

Armed Forces Bowl:

Meineke Car Care Bowl:
Miami, Florida vs. South Florida

International Bowl: Bowling Green vs. Pittsburgh
Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. West Virginia

Doesn't Clemson do this every year? Convince people they're a top calibur team and end up 7-5 in the Silicon Valley Classic?