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It's Hard Out There For D-Nic

Demetris Nichols began his professional career as the 53rd overall pick in the draft. In theory, 52 other rookie players were considered to be better than him. Demetris Nichols recently ended his first season in the NBA as, according to ESPN, the #39 overall rookie on the season. That's a 13 spot move! Suck on that, #48 Josh McRoberts!

Surely such positive movement, especially in lieu of the tumultuous season Demetris has had, warrants discussion for the Chicago Bulls and a spot on their 2008-2009 roster.

Chicago Tribune:
The fact that Shannon Brown remained inactive Wednesday in Orlando proves he isn't in the Bulls' plans. Neither is Demetris Nichols, who logged 4:37 of mop-up time against the Magic.

Daily Herald:
Cedric Simmons, Shannon Brown, Demetris Nichols and JamesOn Curry: If they can't get playing time now, they probably don't fit in the Bulls' plans.

Donte Greene, I hope you know what you're doing...

HT: John