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It'll Still Be Real To Me, Dammit

Just like professional wrestling, it seems that the Syracuse Spring Game will be scripted. At least partially. Cue Donnie Webb...
Syracuse University head football coach Greg Robinson said today that tailbacks Delone Carter and Curtis Brinkley will be allowed to participate in Saturday's scrimmage as part of the team's conclusion to spring football practice.

The one catch is this - they'll only be allowed to run the ball in "thud drills." That is, no tackling. How that will be scripted into the scrimmage remains to be figured out.

Oddly enough, this is how Northeastern plays defense as well.

Can we at least start them off on "lightly tap on the shoulder drills" or "brief discussion about how and where I'm about to touch you to stop the play drills" before we get into "thud drills?" Just to, I don't know, build up to it or something.

So if Carter and Brinkley can't be tackled, doesn't that mean they'll score a touchdown every time they touch they ball? Sweet! It's like Week 1 in Tecmo Bowl and you're the Raiders with Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen.

(Okay, I'm done)

Risky move taking two recovering running backs and putting them in dangerous, albeit non-tackley, situations. Robinson defended the decision thusly...

"I think it'll be good."

Remember that quote when they're carting Carter off the field after he trips over a lineman's leg.

For all you parents out there who are planning on bringing the kids over to the Dome Saturday for a little family fun (Thud drills! Knee braces! Columbia recording artist Luna Halo!), you may feel a little confused when your little one wonders why, despite the punishing nature of the sport, everything seems so scripted? Just sit'm down on your knee, wipe the tears away with your Key Bank/Burdick Toyota promotional towel and let them know that it may not all be "real" but, well...