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Hooray For Marketing!

In the grand tradition of MINI-Kiss, Orleans and Anti-Gravity comes the next great performer to grace Syracuse fans with their wares...Columbia recording artist Luna Halo (always a good sign when you have to use the record label as a modifier). The LH (as I assume they like to be called) will be performing before the annual Spring Game on Saturday at the Carrier Dome.

The good thing about the band is that, judging by their facial expressions, they've already for the apathetic look of a Syracuse football fan unmoved by Syracuse Athletics attempts to distract them from the recent failures of the football program down pat. They'll fit in nicely. So who is/are Luna Halo? Let me Wikipedia tell you:
In 2000 Luna Halo, fronted by former Reality Check front man Nathan Barlowe, released their debut CD Shimmer on Christian music label Sparrow Records. Although Shimmer was praised by critics, Luna Halo left Sparrow Records and the Christian music industry behind before recording their next album due to creative differences. The current grittier version of Luna Halo is an entire new band from the earlier version of Luna Halo and although several of the band members are Christian they have left the 'Christian band' moniker behind. Nate Barlowe is quoted as saying they only kept the name because he liked it so much.
My assumption is that when leaving Christian Rock, they just "changed Jesus to baby" and that was that.

Couple more notes from the announcement regarding the Spring Practice Game:
TK99 morning hosts Gomez and Dave will serve as honorary assistant coaches and will talk throughout the game with fans.
Well are they gonna schmooze or are they gonna coach? Can't do both. And playing wacky sound effects every time Andrew Robinson gets sacked doesn't count as "coaching."
Every person in attendance will have an opportunity to register for a chance to participate in a $10,000 field goal kick. Fans can sign up for the field goal kick at the Carrier Dome prior to the game at the marketing table at Gate B.
Guys...really...can we NOT call it "the marketing table?" Seriously...can we come up with something a little, I don't know, catchier? Less too-the-point? How bout "The Cuse Counter?" "The Dome Desk?" Anything...

Be sure to also swing by the "Financial Transaction Booth" to pick up your tickets, the "Additional Costs Center" to pick up your Dome Dog and feel free to log any complaints with the "Customer Service Kiosk" located in Section 121.
There will also be a $10,000 football toss contest. Those who want a chance to participate in the football throwing contest can pre-register at Burdick Toyota by 12:00 p.m. Friday, April 18th at Burdick Toyota in Drivers’ Village, Cicero.
So we can pre-register at the Burdick Toyota which is located at Burdick Toyota? Not the other one? Cool. Just wanted to be clear on that.
A 2008 Penn State Pack, which includes tickets for SU’s games against Penn State (Sept. 13) and Pittsburgh (Sept. 27) or Penn State and Connecticut (Nov. 15), will also be available beginning April 19.
You know, I'm actually fine with that. I totally figured SU would package this with the Northeastern or Akron game. Well done, SU, for ignoring your greedy instincts. I'll be sure to stop by The Marketing Table and personally say thanks. Or should I go to the Public Relations Booth for that?