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Hey, Remember The Time Someone Got Stabbed...

Remember that story from Saturday about the guy who got stabbed four times in the back for protecting the SU Basketball team?

Um...what happened to that?

I fully expected SU to stay completely mum on the issue so no surprise there. But where's the media follow-up? Any suspects? Anyone bother to ask Johnny Flynn or Kristof! what they were doing Friday night? Anyone talk to the owner of Trexx to get his thoughts? Other than
the initial story and the Axeman column, there's nothing else on about it. Do a Google or Yahoo! news search and you won't find anything other than variations on the initial story as well.

Isn't that kinda weird? It's been five days. Even if the SU team wasn't (allegedly) involved, shouldn't there be something? Anything?

I'm not trying to get the SU basketball team in trouble or anything. I just think that if a guy basically lays down his life to (allegedly) help out members of the Syracuse basketball squad, we may want to find out if #1, the story is really true and #2, if he's okay. Cause if it is true, imagine how horribly this could have turned out if he hadn't stepped in?

That guy, 24-year-old Yoshua Kushkituah, is theoretically still sitting in a hospital bed recovering from four stab wounds to the back. (By the way, what kind of a person do you have to be to stab a stranger in the back four times? Jesus...) He's expected to recover but still, helluva price to pay. At the very least, this dude better get basketball season tickets next year.

From the looks of
his website, he is (or was) a LeMoyne student and seems like a pretty cool guy. Certainly a hit with the ladies, Trexx-attendance not withstanding. I'll send my thoughts out to him and I'm sure that you'll do the same (alleged SU-involvement or not).

All I'm asking for is a little clarification. Was the SU basketball team really involved, yes or no? If yes, is Yoshua's story accurate, yes or no? If yes, what are Syracuse University and the players doing to help this poor guy out and thank him for saving their lives, in a public-relations sense and in a very literal sense as well? I know if a guy got stabbed saving my ass I'd at least send him a card and some macadamia nuts. But that's just me.