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Gregisms 4/21

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

Greg's greatest quotes from the spring game. First up, when describing the offensive line Greg goes all buzzword on us...

"The second group has flashed at times."

Now where have I heard that before?

"The guy I think who has made his mark all spring is Tony Fiammetta. It is unfortunate that he is not out here but I think if anybody on this team would tell you if there is an Ironman on this football team, it is him. He has been a battering ram and done a lot of great things through spring."

Now here's what's so wonderful about this quote. #1, it's topical. Greg is clearly excited about the new Iron Man movie. I always took him for a Robert Downey fan. #2, he just referred to a player who is injured and unable to play with a term reserved only for those who showcase amazing feats of durability and lack of injury (see Cal Ripkin, Lou Gehrig). Just magical...

And finally...

"I will say this about football teams, there really is an osmosis period from the end of spring until the start of training camp."

How much would you pay to watch Greg Robinson explain the osmosis process? Shall I start the bidding at $1,000?

HT: Axe