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The Internets Are Abuzz With Donte Greene

I hope for DraftExpress' sake that Donte Greene actually is going pro. Otherwise, Cuse Nation will have gotten extremely riled up over nothing. (I mean, have you SEEN the message boards???)

So far, the silence the deafening. The only official denial on record is that of Assistant Coach Rob Murphy. Unofficially, Mike Waters' source (who may be the same person) said "I talked to him tonight...He didn't even mention the NBA.''

Oh, and Donte's grandmother says he's not going, so there's that to. That's nice and all but does your grandmother really know the inner workings of your life plans? C'mon now, my grandmother still thinks I'm going to be a Rabbi...

At least one agent has expressed doubts about Donte's readiness:
"I wouldn't be surprised (if Greene enters the draft) because that's what kids do. But personally I don't think he should. He'll get drafted, but he's not ready.''
One way or another, be it Jimmy B on Brent Axe's show today or an official announcement by Donte or SU, expect to know more shortly. In the meantime, you're probably already in one of two camps. Everything Is Gonna Be Fine or Please God Don't Let It Be True.