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Greene-r Pastures?

GoProAndGetDraftedInTheHighTeensOrStayAndDominateCollegeBasketballNextYearGate continues as we wait for the official word from Donte Greene as to whether or not he's staying or leaving. On Tuesday, Boeheim confirmed to the NY Times Quad blog that "Donte’ Greene still had not 100 percent confirmed to him that he was coming back for his sophomore season."

Boeheim is using the best weapon in his arsenal in order to convince Greene to stay. Draft status differential. In other words, leave now and you're the 19th pick in the draft. Not shabby. You may even get to play a few minutes for a mediocre team. But if you wait one more year, judging by the lack of superstars coming into college basketball (as compared to this season), you're a #5 pick. You're a name. You've got endorsements. You're a starter right off the bat or at least logging major PT.

It seems more and more like Donte is waiting for a sign to come from the NBA Gods telling him he's a lottery pick and the longer that doesn't happen the closer he is to returning. If he does, even Jim Boeheim is officially saying next year is going to be a special team:
"Almost as good as when we had Carmelo," Boeheim said, noting they wouldn’t have anyone quite as talented as Carmelo Anthony. "Donte would be closer to him. We’d have better players than the other positions. We’ll see what happens."
Believe me Jim, we're definitely looking forward to seeing what will happen.