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Get On The Block

After the success of Axe's first day back On The Block, it looks like they've invited him back to do it again, so be sure to listen from 3-6pm every weekday from here on our or until he uses a racial slur, curses angrily at a guest, goes insane on the air and attempts to take the entire station hostage or a little bit of all three at once. I'm taking bets on any and all.

So I'm still slated for the 4:00pm EST spot but the rumor is that some guy named Donovan McNabb could be making an appearance on the show around that time. If so, I'll hang loose and wait my turn or perhaps I'll be back another day. Will keep you posted. Brian from Orange44 has been moved from 3:30pm today to 3:30pm tomorrow already, so remember that as well and be sure to tune in for that.\

Thanks again to Axe for letting me hawk me wares and talk nonsense. I'm hoping to get an audio replay of it, stay tuned...