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The Folks Behind College Football Hate Your Guts

What's most amazing about the entire college bowl system is that it basically works counter-intuitively to every other capitalist and democratic system in the United State of America. Our entire society is based on the ideas of supply and demand, consumption and production and the need for business to satisy the needs of the consumer in order to survive. In other words, I run a company that makes sneakers. I sell my sneakers in a store. People really enjoy Sneaker A but they don't much care for Sneakers B and C. I stop making Sneakers B and C and I put all of my effort into making Sneaker A as good as possible.

If you want to grow your business and satisfy your customer base, quite simply, give them more of what they WANT and less of what they DON'T WANT. College football operates in the exact OPPOSITE way.

Case in point?
Next week in Weston, Fla., organizers for three potential new bowl games will make their presentations to the NCAA's Bowl Certification Committee. They are: The Congressional Bowl in Washington, D.C, (Navy vs. ACC); The St. Petersburg Bowl in St. Petersburg, Fla. (Big East vs. Conference USA); and the Rocky Mountain Bowl in Salt Lake City (Mountain West vs. WAC).
Hey, remember the New Orleans Bowl this year? No? What about the Emerald Bowl, that was a fun one right? Don't remember that either? Well you must have fond memories of the Armed Services Bowl...that's still a bowl, right? You know why you don't remember those bowl games or why you couldn't tell me anything about 95% of the bowl games played just four months ago? Because you don't give a shit. You didn't then and you won't next year either. No one does, unless your team is playing on one of those games. And even then it's debatable based on attendance and TV viewership.

Yet somehow the powers-that-be in the NCAA have decided, through whatever form of market research they do or do not do, that YOU WANT MORE of those games you don't care about! And in an era where Division I-A Or Whatever The Fuck We're Supposed To Call It Now's (DIOWTFWSTCIN for short) only mission should be to satisfy the overwhelming desire of its consumer base for a system that determines a true national champion on the field of play and not in newspaper columns, they have decided that it's in everyone's best interest if instead they create more match-ups of 6-6 teams that you didn't even know had a football program until they made it into said bowl game.

NCAA, you truly are the Mos Eisley patrons of the sports world. A more wretched hive of villainy and scum we will not find elsewhere in sports.

Here's my favorite quote of the article, from Scott Ramsey, executive director of the illustrious Music City Bowl and chairman of the Football Bowl Association.
"One of the worst things that could happen down the road is for the organizers of a game to spend all year preparing for it and then not have enough teams to play. It would give the bowl system a collective black eye."
Yes...then and only then would there be a black eye on the college bowl system.

What I love most about the whole situation is that we're extremely mathematically close to being at a point where we could have more bowl slots than eligible teams. And here's where it gets really fun. What do you think is
more likely? That the NCAA would cancel a bowl game that has sponsors and pre-sold tickets and merchandising deals in place? Or that they will bend their own rules on eligibility to make sure it happens? That's right, we're just a few statistical anomalies from our first 5-7 vs. 5-7 bowl game. And you just know that somehow Syracuse will be prominently involved.

The silver lining for Syracuse fans, if you can call it such, is that it opens the door for another Big East bowl (The St. Petersburg Bowl). In all seriousness, there's pretty much no doubt that 6-6 will get the Orange a bowl appearance this year (before you tell me the Northeastern win wouldn't count, NCAA rules state that you can use a win over a Division 1-AA opponent for bowl eligibility purposes once every three years. So there). The question now is, are we still on the Road to Toronto and the International Bowl or do we have our sites set on a warmer destination now? And should we shoot ourselves for wishing for either?