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Express Yourself

Our first look at The Express is finally out there, legally or not. Check it out now lest Universal pulls it off the YouTubes:

Best part of the whole thing? The exceedingly racist and evil West Virginia fans. "Inspired by true events," indeed.

Honest first thoughts? Visually, very solid. The football scenes look good and there's a flair for authenticity that's to be commended.
Dennis Quaid doing a great job playing...Dennis Quaid. But this time, in a varsity jacket. That man has range!

But how about the dialogue? Looks like it's gonna be one of those sports movies where EVERY THING EVERY CHARACTER SAYS IS IMPORTANT AND TIMELY, you know, just like we talk in real life. There's a powerful message in the film and Ernie Davis certainly went through some terrible things, but I'm just worried this film will be dripping with schmaltz and sentiment to the point where you won't be able to stop yourself from rolling your eyes every time two characters have heated discussions about civil rights while folding laundry.

Then again, I'm gleaning all of this from a 2 and a half minute puff piece that prominently involves Bill "College Football sucked this year" Plaschke. I may be jumping to conclusions.

Donnie Webb has a little more Express news as well...
I've been told by SU folks the world premier is going to be at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse. No red carpet. Instead, the orange carpet will be rolled out.
Orange carpet, huh? Well, I guess it can't be any uglier than this.