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Draft Dodged

I'll let the D.O. Sports Blog sum it up:
After seven rounds and 252 picks in the two-day NFL Draft, there was not a Syracuse player among the selections for the first time since 1975.
Yipes. Even UConn got a guy drafted. Still, as we were reminded over and over and over and over again this weekend, there's plenty of great players who were drafted late or went undrafted altogether. And a few SU grads will get still get their shot to prove they could be the next one.

LB/DE Jameel McClain has accepted a free agent offer from the Baltimore Ravens, WR Taj Smith signed with the Green Bay Packers, safety Joe Fields signed with the Carolina Panthers and S/CB Dowayne Davis has signed with the Dallas Cowboys.

Fields' news was reported by his agent Grayland Crane, who by day protects the rights and freedoms of football players and by night protects the bastions of good from the encroaching menace of evil. Grayland Crane? Seriously, if that's not a superhero alias, I don't know what is.

As for Taj, his agent noted one potential conflict with the Packers. The fact that Smith wants to walk in the graduation ceremony this week before attending camp. Why such a big deal?
...It's a priority for Smith's mother for him to participating in the walk. He said that detail has to be worked out with the Packers.
Can you have the "oh by the way I'll be a couple days late for mini-camp cause my mom told me to be somewhere" excuse with an NFL team? Didn't think they'd go for that.