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Don'te Toy With Our Emotions

Courtesy of The Axeman, we have some unofficial word now that Donte Greene is going pro and he'll be making that announcement any day now. According to
Syracuse freshman Donte Greene will be entering this year's draft, a source with intimate knowledge of the situation told Draftexpress exclusively Tuesday. Greene, a smooth and extremely talented 6-11 wing player, was one of the most highly touted members of this year's freshman class, and finished second in the Big East in scoring...He's viewed by many as a late lottery pick at this point, but will have a chance to move up once he is able to showcase himself in private workouts. A formal announcement is expected in the next 24 hours. Greene will not be testing the waters and should hire an agent shortly.
In other words, I hope the guys behind the Don'te Leave T-shirts made back their investments already. Axe also did some due diligence with DraftExpress and got some opinion from them on where Donte might end up in the draft:
"I think Donte will go anywhere from 8-15 depending on how many of these bubble guys indeed enter the draft. Its hard to project too much until we know for sure who is in. Some NBA guys are a little down on him, rightfully so considering how he finished the season, but they are going to get right back on the bandwagon I believe once he gets in front of them. He's a classic workout player--tailor made for that setting."
Jimmy B will be on Axe's show tomorrow so we look forward to getting the official denial from him. The Orange Squeeze gets in-depth about exactly what it is that's motivating Donte to make this questionable move. In a's the money, stupid.
In the end you have to really think about all of this. The money could be the biggest part of it all. Stay one year and gain about $500,000 more, but that one year you will lost about $1.6 million. College will make you play the wrong position and you will get less minutes and shots. Thinking of a Big East championship, a NCAA run, and maybe winning it all? That could be the case, but on the other hand you still have to think will both Devendorf and Rautins come back at full capacity?
Honestly, there's been something in the back of my mind the last couple days nudging me to believe this was gonna happen so I'm not in utter shock. At the end of the day the lure of the NBA and the paychecks it provides is just too strong. We'd all love Donte to stay and be a part of SU's resurrection next season, go down in history as a great, have his jersey retired one day and always think fondly of his time here. But at the end of the day, that don't pay the bills. I get it. I might not like it, but I get it.

Donte haters, looks like your wish has been granted. Who knows, maybe this will end up being our Ewing Theory situation after all. Instead of Flynn-to-Greene, we'll remember Flynn-to-Harris, and maybe that's how it was meant to be anyway.

To be sure, we're losing a valuable weapon. Donte only could have gotten better. And being around Devo and Rautins, who must be desperate to get back on the court and bring SU back to dominance, would only have helped him. But that's not Donte's endgame. Megabucks, endorsements and shoe deals await and honestly, can you blame the guy?

Of course, this is all still rumor so...if Donte does come back...AWESOME! DONTE, BUBBE, GREAT TO HAVE YOU HERE!

Credit: NickRuggiero, Daily Orange

Update: The first official denial is in, courtesy of SU assistant coach Rob Murphy. "Not at all," Murphy said. "…There’s nothing going on."