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Donte Greene's Grandmother Is A Fibber

Perhaps spurred on by the Internet report that predicted it, or perhaps not, Donte Greene has officially declared himself eligible for the NBA draft. He will forgo his remaining three years of eligibility for the right to sit on the Orlando Magic's (theoretically) bench next season.
"After discussing my future plans with my family and Coach Boeheim, I've decided to declare for the NBA draft," Greene said in the statement. "The Syracuse coaching staff is going to gather information on my behalf and help me begin that process."
According to the article, "There will be no press conference today and Greene, along with Boeheim, will not be available for further comment." But according to Brent Axe, Jimmy B will still be on the show today at 4pm EST.

In theory, Greene can still return to SU since he has yet to hire an agent. If he wanted to, he could withdraw his name by June 16 if he wanted to. But we all know he won't.
I guess Donte's got some 'splainin to do to his grandmother, who said Greene would return to Syracuse yesterday. He's undermined our trust in the matriarchs of America!

Donte leaves behind a 17.7 scoring average and 7.2 rebounding average. He also leaves behind a questionable shot selection and a bevy of turnovers. Unfortunately for us, we won't get the chance to see Donte improve those numbers while returning SU to glory. Instead, we'll only watch from afar as he tries to be more Carmelo Anthony and less Demetris Nichols in the NBA.

If you've been waiting to buy that #5 Syracuse jersey, now's your chance. The mark-downs should begin any minute now...