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Das Boot

In The Cooler, William H. Macy plays a guy who oozes bad luck. So much so that a Vegas casino has hired him to "cool off" hot players just by touching them or interacting with them. Imagine that're killing at the blackjack table, making money hand over fist. There's no doubt in your mind that your time is now. Suddenly and without warning your luck evaporates and everything you've built towards suddenly seems...cursed.

That's what it must be like to be a running back for Syracuse.

Coming off a season where incumbent Delone Carter dislocated his hip and Curtis Brinkley broke his leg, we were supposed to feel like all that bad karma had finally left and a four-man committee of Carter, Brinkley, Doug Hogue and Averin Collier would elevate the position back to great heights.

And then
Averin Collier fractured his foot. And we remembered. According to the D.O...

[Greg] Robinson said it should take four weeks for Collier to heal completely. He is in a walking boot...The injury occurred two Saturdays ago during a scrimmage when Collier landed on his foot awkwardly. He kept playing, but the injury flared up.

It's a tough setback for Collier, who entered school early to get a jump on things. Alas, now he knows why when you play RB for SU, you take your sweet time. And for God's sake, look where you're walking!

Collier will keep the boot on for the remainder of spring practice and take it off just in time to hand it off to the next Syracuse RB who will need it.