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The 'Cuse Awards Were Last Night, Much To Arinze Onuaku's Displeasure

The 2008 ‘Cuse Awards were last night and all the biggest and brightest stars were on hand to celebrate. DOCTOR Daryl Gross! TK99's Gomez and Dave! Lacrosse coach John Desko! It truly was a who's who of Syracuse's sexy elite at the Landmark Theatre. The big winners were track & field's Jillian Drouin and lacrosse's Mike Leveille, winners of the 2008 Soladay Award, "the most prestigious honor bestowed upon a student-athlete at Syracuse University." So that's nice.

Many other SU athletes such as Jonny Flynn, Donte Greene, Andrew Robinson and many more were on hand, you can see the
full list of winners here.

But how can you really gauge the evening with words and lists? It's the photos that tell the real story. Let's take a look into the eyes of those who danced with the 'Cuse Awards and lived to tell the tale.

First up, Jonny Flynn looks smooooooth while Andrew Robinson looks more uncomfortable than Braylon Edwards on Costas Now. Loosen the shoulders, Andrew!

DOCTOR Daryl Gross and TK99's Gomez and Dave. If you need to print out a photo for your dartboard, this is probably it.

Donte Greene and Jonny Flynn, winners of the "Best Move" award. We'll assume it's not the "move" we're all thinking of...

Clearly though, while it was all fun and games for most, there was one person who just did not need to deal with this shit. Seriously, either the cameraman slept with Arinze Onuaku's sister or that dude had somewhere else he badly needed to be.