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The Countdown To Superfluous Injury Begins

Get jacked, people, the Spring Game is tomorrow. Based on the attendance over at Alabama and what's expected at Ohio State, it should be a packed Dome for the festivities. Or perhaps not so much. But if you do go, you'll be able to cheer on your favorite Orange in that do-something-good-but-please-god-whatever-you-do-don't-hurt-yourself kind of way. It's going to be more about rooting against awkward falls and twisting ankles than it will be about rooting for touchdowns and big hits.

Questions abound regarding the event (and only you can answer them by attending...)
  • Will Greg Robinson be cheered or booed? And I just mean by DOCTOR Gross.
  • Will Luna Halo play that song everyone wants to hear? You know, that one...the one their known for...they are known for a song right? No wait, I'm thinking of Three Doors Down. Nevermind.
  • Will Delone Carter or Curtis Brinkley's legs fall off? Will Doug Hogue stomp on their limbs for good measure?
  • Will Mitch Browning slit the throat of the first offensive lineman who let's up a sack to make a point?
All questions will be answered come Saturday. Just please God, don't let the cats show up...

That cat flying through the air to tackle/maim Doug Hogue just kills me every time. Bigtime HT: Jon Sheley House.