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Can We Play A Non-Contact Spring Game Please?

If Greg Robinson has learned anything about his team these past four weeks of practice, it's that there are still more questions than answers. It has been a month since Syracuse first took to the field, and the depth chart remains nothing short of a mess.

The secondary is a hodgepodge of inexperience, the new-look offensive line is still ridden with uncertainty and more running backs are in the trainer's room than out carrying the ball.

That's Jared Diamond of the Daily Orange reporting on the "progress" made so far by the Syracuse football team. And while there are plenty of position-battles worth dissecting, none matter in the eyes of SU fans much like the one going on for starting halfback.

Well, it's actually much less a battle than a war of attrition. Just ask current #1 Doug Hogue. Even he admits while he is currently the starter, that has more to do with injuries than with anything he's done:
"I got the position by, I hate to say, by default; even though I did work hard and I had to get my teammates to believe in me, and stuff like that...The thing at stake is for me to establish myself now so my time can come around and I make myself the man. I'll make sure I'm the go-to guy. That's what I want to do."
Doug will of course be playing in this weekend's spring game and SU fans will be holding their breathe more than anything. We're basically a Doug Hogue shin splint away from holding open tryouts for starting running back.

Oh and that injury bug, it's not just reserved for halfbacks either. Fullbacks can get in on the fun too.
Just ask Tony Fiammatta, who sprained his ankle during the team's practice last Saturday. Fiammata will join Delone Carter, Curtis Brinkley and Averin Collier on the sidelines Saturday. Playing running back at Syracuse has officially become the Star Trek Redshirt of college football.

And so the position battles continue, in the backfield, on the line, in the secondary and elsewhere. Through it all, Greg Robinson remains outwardly optimistic as he always does.
"There's nothing like having someone right next to you trying to take your job away to get you to get better and that person to get better, too."
Careful what you wish for, Greg.