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Cameron Dantley's Dad Is Better Than Your Dad

I bet Cameron Dantley is walking around practice today like he's the cock of the walk (Well I tell you, Cam Dantley is cock of nothing!). That's because behind the big names like Patrick Ewing, (H)akeem Olajuwon, Pat Riley and Dick Vitale (fech), Cam's father Adrian was also elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame yesterday.

Elder Dantley was a six-time NBA All-Star, played for seven teams during his 15-year NBA career, amassed 23,177 points and has his number retired by the Utah Jazz. Dantley was a finalist six times before finally making it in but all's well that end's well.
"It happened," Dantley said. "It took a long time, but it happened."
Especially happy are the folks over at Fans4Dantley who have yet to update with the good news (because they have better things to do?).

In speaking with Bud Poliquin, Adrian shared some thoughts about his son, SU's #2 QB (for now):
"You know, I didn't want him to play football," said Adrian. "I wanted him to play basketball. But he's doing real well. I just hope the coach (Greg Robinson) will keep an open mind and let him compete for the starting job. Cam does love Syracuse, though. And he does love the coach."
And so, Dantley heads to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. If you've never been, I can't say enough what a special place it is. Nestled right between a Salvation Army and a gas station right off the highway, it's just like Cooperstown...except not like it at all.