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  • Poor Brian Brohm. In a way, it's partially our fault. Our bad...EDSBS
  • SU is a#2 seed and set to play the winner of the MAAC in these mock brackets...Inside Lacrosse
  • Checking in with Ryan Powell, who hasn't had much post-season luck since leaving SU...Lacrosse Magazine
  • Need to know the Big East home/away schedule for Women's Basketball? You got it!...Big East
  • Taj Smith is the kick returner on this guy's All-Undrafted Team...New Era Scouting
I must take my leave of you until Monday, my pretties. I'm off to an out-of-town wedding which means I'll be completely cut off from society for the next four days and I'll emerge on Sunday night wondering how the hell the lacrosse team lost to Colgate and ended up with a #6 seed. (Kidding!!!...I hope...)

Be well and get your Orange fix at one of those fine establishments to the right there. And for God's sake, do not practice any journalistic dishonesty while I'm gone. I'll know if you did...