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Behold A Pale Horse, And Her Name That Sat On Him Was Katie Rowan, And Hell Followed With Her.

God knows I've already hit my quota for posts about women's lacrosse but it would be slightly unfair to not dedicate a little love to Katie Rowan by now.

In 13 games this season, Rowan has set the single-season record for points (87) and assists (41). With three regular season games, the Big East Tournament and the NCAA Tournament looming, she is 13 goals off the of the single-season goals record and is just five points away from becoming the Syracuse's all-time leading scorer.

That single-season record for points she just broke? That was hers as well.

Oh, did I mention she's a junior?

Granted, the program is young but claps all around for Rowan. She broke the records this past Saturday in Syracuse's 18-6 win over Rutgers. With the win they jump to #4 in the poll. It also ensures that the Orange will at least get a share of the Big East regular-season crown. The Orange will try to make it five in a row when Colgate (6-8) comes a-callin' on Wednesday.

As for the men, it's becoming a bit boring as they keep winning...and there's nothing wrong with that at all. Their 17-9 win against Rutgers (4-6) this weekend was their eighth in a row and ensured that they keep a #2 ranking in the Media Poll. Mike Leveille put up six-points (three goals, three assists) and extended his consecutive points streak to 50 games, the fifth-longest stretch in school history. Kenny Nims also added six-points as well.

The Orange, enjoying their longest win streak since 2006, will entertain the Great Danes of Albany (4-6) on Friday.