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All Good Orange Go To Cleveland

If is to be believed (and clearly, why wouldn't it?), the Cleveland Cavaliers will draft Donte Greene with the 19th pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, assuming he's available.

As we all know, Donte played both sides of the song-and-dance, one during the season and one immediately following. During the season, it was a sense of "I want to stay and the only reason I wouldn't is if it looks like I'm a lottery pick." Once the season ended his tone shifted to "I want to leave and the only reason I won't is if it looks like I'm not a lottery pick." Same coin but different sides.

Since Donte dropped off all of the draftnik boards a few months ago, we figured that it was a foregone conclusion. But now with the season over and focus shifting from actual stats to possible potential, expect to see Donte's name get mention more often. While he doesn't appear in
this mock draft or this one, he does appear here as the #19 pick, this time to Golden State.

But does not think the Cavaliers will be denied in their quest to employ every drafted Syracuse player from now on. They will
also draft Jonny Flynn next year at the #19 position as well. Of course, this seems to assume that the 2009 season will finish exactly how the 2008 season finishes, and that hasn't even happened yet and the lottery hasn't been sorted out and this doesn't include any trade in other words, this is 90% accurate.

(Thanks Jeff)