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You Know It's A Slow News Day In Syracuse When...

1. "College students drinking on a Saturday" is your lead story
2. "Jim Boeheim curses from time to time" is a hot-button issue
and now...
3. "
Old Indian guy hip-checked Jim Brown 50 years ago" is on the homepage of

You'll have to excuse me for being not in the know, but apparently it's said that Jim Brown, all-time-great football player and just-as-good lacrosse player, had never been knocked down in a lacrosse game at any point in his career. It's not just here-say, it's full-blown legend.

But now it seems, our world has come crashing down. According to Irving Powless, Jim Brown has indeed tasted dirt on a lacrosse field. And he is the man responsible:

"I read an article in the newspaper a few years ago that said Jim Brown was never knocked down in a lacrosse game," Irving Powless declared the other day. "I've been thinking about that for a while and I want to straighten things out. It's not correct. I knocked down Jim Brown in 1957."
If you'll excuse me, I just died inside. Say it ain't so, Jim...
"I don't have any problem with Irving Powless telling that story," said Jim Brown. "Because I can't dispute it. Did he really knock me down? Who knows? It might have actually happened."
Well I'm glad we settled that. Now we can look forward to more exciting news stories worthy of such placement on the homepage, such as:

On second thought, that's last one might actually require some follow-up...