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Women's Lacrosse Fans Unite! All 542 Of You!

If you only attend one Women's Lacrosse game this year, and judging by the attendance numbers so far you probably still haven't, tonight is the game to go see. Northwestern, they of a #1 ranking, a 7-0 record, three-straight national titles, and the honor of having knocked the Orange out of the NCAA Tournament last season with a hard-fought 14-9 win, comes to town.

There will be no better barometer of where Gary Gait's girls stand in the grand scheme of things
than this match-up. The #6 Orange have decimated the lesser-competition they've played so far this season but struggled against the other top-ranked team they played so far, #4 Virginia. The Orange have won five straight since then so something will invariably have to give tonight when the two win streaks collide.

If you're not up to anything tonight (and if I know my Syracuse students well, they are not), head on over to the Dome and go cheer on the ladies. They could use all the support you can muster. At the very least, get the crowd #'s into four digits, will ya?

In a semi-related matter,
SU's men's lax team is now tied for 2nd place in the latest poll with Duke. Virginia is your unanimous #1.

Photo: SUAthletics