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Why, Georgia, Why

A tornado blew through Atlanta this past weekend, altering the landscape and quite possibly the outcome of the SEC Tournament while laying destruction to the many places it touched down. One of which, apparently, was Syracuse, NY.

If this is to be believed, as of Sunday, Syracuse was going to make the NCAA Tournament until Georgia completed it's magical run to win the SEC. While the pundits and experts counted out the Orange and debated the merits of Virginia Tech, Arizona State and Ohio State, the committee had already made up it's mind. The Orange were in and they were out. And then the tornado...
But neither Virginia Tech nor VCU would have made the field had Georgia not won the SEC Tournament. The team the Bulldogs knocked off the board was Syracuse -- perhaps the committee was trying to pay Jim Boeheim back for leaving him out last year.

That hurts.

Last year, all the experts were positive the Orange were in, got our hopes us and then we were crushed when the committee snubbed us. This year, everyone counted us out, got us to accept it wasn't happening and then we almost got the shock out of our lives when the committee would have put us in.

I have to say, I am surprised that we were right there. I was certain we cashed out after the loss to Nova. But it just goes to show you...

1. Never say never.
2. The "experts" really don't know dick, do they? Not one "bracketologist" or "Gottlieb" gave Syracuse a chance and yet they we were, right on the cusp.
3. The committee can be swayed by emotion, as clearly last year's situation and Boeheim's griping gave SU a bit of a bump.

We probably would have been hated on all over the nation, especially in Blacksburg. Naturally, I'm fine with that. It would have been so worth it to hear everyone bitch and moan about us. Of course, we would then have been required to win our first game under pain of death in order to prove them wrong. But sadly, it's a challenge we won't have to meet.

Because of Georgia.

And that fucking tornado.

Photo: Reuters/Tami Chappell

(And yes, that's the first and last time I quote John Mayer for a headline. I hope. Thanks for the head's up, John)