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Wherein We Stare At The Jiggling Muscles Of Shirtless Men In Spandex

Yesterday in the Carrier Dome, a group of physically-fit people stripped down to their underwear and showcased their bodies and what they can do with them for a group of onlooking men who ogled them the entire time. Hopefully, the tips were worth it.

It was Pro Day at the Dome and that meant many of the SU seniors and draft-eligible players were under the microscope of NFL scouts and coaches on hand to assess the talent and see first hand who's draftable and who's playing for the Argonauts next year.

Some notable instances included...

Taj Smith running a 4.39 40-yard-dash, which is pretty decent. To give you some parameters, Darren McFadden melted the faces off of scouts by running it in 4.27. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld when describing how the smallest fractions of sections determine the greatest Olympic runners of all time, 4.27...greatest guy in the world. 4.39...never heard of him.

Jameel McClain made some impressive gains from the recent NFL combine. He bumped his 40-time down to 4.55 from 4.76 and made a vertical leap of 32 and 1/2 inches, much higher than the 25 inches he jumped at the combine.

Dowayne Davis, Joe Fields, Rice Moss and a few other SU players were on hand for the day as well trying to get noticed.

But can you sum up Pro Day with stats and reps? I don't think so. You need the visuals. Especially since we're talking about shirtless photos of Jameel McClain...

Greg, nice to see you raided my grandfather's closet before coming out today.

"You want to tell him to put his pants back on or should I?"


"I got 4.49"
"Me too. McCluskey, what you get?"
"What? Oh, this thing isn't even on. Would you look at those thighs..."

I refuse to believe this ended well.

"So, son, you think you got what it takes to play for the Super Bowl Champions?"
"Yeah I think so."
"Not everyone can play with the Super Bowl Champs."
"I'll do my-"
"Do you have any idea what it takes to win a Super Bowl? Do you really?"
"Well I have an ide-"
"We won the Super Bowl this year."
"Yeah, I know."
"Super Bowl."
"Can I go now?"

(Photos: SUAthletics)