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UMass Refuses To Leave Carrier Dome, Citing 'Winner Stays, Loser Pays'

SYRACUSE, NY - Citing NCAA code 12.3.B, otherwise known as the 'Winner Stays, Loser Pays' Rule, the UMass Men's Basketball team has decided to remain in to the Carrier Dome until the time in which they are defeated and therefore must abdicate ownership of the court.

While UMass Head Coach Travis Ford admits it's "really more of a guideline than a rule," he says that its up to Syracuse to abide by it and earn back their home floor.

"The ball is in Syracuse's court. Well, technically it's our court now, so I guess I mean that more so in the metaphorical sense."

Syracuse assumed that the Minutemen left following their 81-77 win Tuesday night. Much to their surprise, when a few of the players showed up the next day to collect their belongings, they were told that they would have to play, and defeat UMass, for the items.

"What are they gonna do about it?" said Minutemen guard Ricky Harris who scored 23 in the win. "They can play us for their stuff, but we all know how that's gonna go."

Reaction from the Syracuse players has ranged from confusion to anger.

"They place is a mess now," says guard Scoop Jardine. "They're leavin' their drawers everywhere. Sandwich wrappers all over the floor. It's like my cousin moved in here or something."

Asked whether or not he was going to return to the Dome to get the iPod Nano he left in his locker, Donte Greene remained unsure:

"I'm not making any decisions right now," Greene said. "I've been thinking about the iPod and the music on it. It's been in the media and people have been pushing it in my face. It depends on if someone likes my music and whatever."

UMass was the first team to beat Syracuse on its home court twice in one season since Penn State did it in 1923. Not even Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim remembers what it was like back then but Syracuse historian Arther Hurlihy III notes that the last time this rule was invoked, things got a little out of hand.

"The Great Nittany Scourge, as it came to be known, lasted for three terrible long years until Syracuse finally beat them and reclaimed the fieldhouse," says Hurlihy. "A hole was dug underneath one of the hoops and used as a latrine, the players set up a speakeasy in the locker room and rumors still circulate that Syracuse guard Pep Fasce (right) was beaten and forced to dance naked at midcourt while chanting 'Old Grey Mare, She Ain't What She Used To Be" until he passed out.'"

To this day, there's only one thing I hate more than a Scotsman and that's a Nittany Lion."

The Syracuse Orange aren't scheduled to play again in the Carrier Dome until November so according to coach Jim Boeheim, "there's really no rush here."

"We'll probably schedule them next season and do our best to win but if we can't, we can't and we'll look into other options. I've been meaning for a long time to take some home games over to
Skybarn so this might be a good opportunity."

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)