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Syracuse Is Back On the Escalator!

Seriously, what did we ever do to the Worldwide Leader? Clearly, they didn't get the memo.

For months, you'd have been hard-pressed to find Syracuse athletics anywhere on the homepage. All of a sudden, there's hasn't been a moment that the Orange HAVEN'T been on the ESPN homepage in the last three days. And it's all been in glorious celebration of SU's failure to qualify for the NCAA Tournament.

Are we that despised around the country? Are we Duke-esque and no one told us? I know Boeheim can be a little whiny but I didn't realize our misery was so appreciated by the masses.

I didn't realize Gottlieb was making online editorial decisions now.

Ed Note - 10:18am PST and we're FINALLY off the homepage. Glad the nation can move on now...