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Spring Practice Begins, Syracuse Already 0-3

Syracuse football has a problem. Luckily, it's the best kind of problem to have. We've got too many good running backs.

The implausible return of Delone Carter, the arrival of Averin Collier, the determination of Curtis Brinkley and the improved performance of Doug Hogue is restoring some order to the Orange tailback position. It's also creating major competition.

It's going to be fascinating to watch. Most eyes are on Carter who will look to recapture past glory and make good on expectations. Problem is, is it too late? Curtis Brinkley will try to rebound from an injury as well, and hope that people forget he wasn't exactly tearing up the turf before he went down. Doug Hogue looks to build on the mild success he had running last season. For the record, he's #1 on the depth chart right now, whatever that means. As for Averin "Want-To" Collier, he's the wildcard in the bunch.

But there's more going on in spring ball than just running back roulette. Donnie Webb has the complete rundown. Taking a look at
some of the bigger points...

Wide receiver (and savior) Mike Williams was excused from practice today to attend to an "academic matter." Knowing how SU loves to bullshit us with their fake-outs and lack of information, that phrase could either mean Williams just needed some extra tutoring or it could mean Williams is about to be indicted for running a child pornography wholesale business out of his dorm room. Fingers crossed.

Kicker Patrick Shadle has dropped about 17 pounds. Well there goes that KFC Famous Bowls endorsement...

Paul Chiara and Mikhail Marinovich, they of
WeightGate, dressed and participated in practice. Punishment, schmunishment.

According to Donnie, "Wide receiver Van Chew has legs with all the girth of twigs." But he's still got the best God damn name on the team and no one can take that away from him.