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South Alabama Will Have Their Revenge, In This Life Or The Next

Hey, remember the last time we were in the NIT? You don't really have to think too hard about. I'm sure you remember the emotions swirling around. The disappointment of missing out on the NCAA Tournament was still fresh.

And then the University of South Alabama came to town and we were suddenly being asked to play them in the first round of the NIT. For USA, it was a chance to prove they had belonged in the big show. For us, well, we weren't sure how our guys would react.

Despite a slow start, they proved they were going to make the best of things and they
won the game 79-73. SU moved on for a few more rounds but for South Alabama, it was surely not the season end they were hoping for.

And so they went back home. And they waited. And they plotted. Until the time was right to exact their revenge
. And it seems, that time is now...

The Jaguars lulled all of us into a false sense of security this season by going 26-4 as
they went into the Sun Belt Conference semis last night. They seemed destined to cruise to an automatic berth. But that's where the truth ends and the vengeance lies. South Alabama threw the game (I'm assuming) in order to allow for a team that wouldn't otherwise get into the tournament to get the auto-bid, thereby reducing the pool of Tournament teams by one. For bubble teams like Syracuse, it's worst case scenario stuff.

As proof of this grand conspiracy, look no further than Joe Lunardi's latest Bracketology. As recently as last week, the Orange were one of the Last Four In. Then they won two in a row, including one over a ranked Marquette. Now, despite their efforts and due to the presence of the eventual Sun Belt champ and champs of other mid-majors who aren't supposed to be there, the Orange are officially Last Four Out.

Bravo, South Alabama. You have earned your revenge. Of course, you may have cost yourself an NCAA berth in the process. And so, we will see you in hell. Hell, of course, being the NIT Sweet Sixteen.

By the way, did you see the screenshot on that SU-USA game recap page? Awesome.