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So Much For That "Nobel Prize-Winner" Pitch

Shannon Miller is a damn good hockey coach. She not only led the Minnesota-Duluth Women's Hockey Team to national titles in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2008 but she did it after starting the program from scratch. She's been invited to the White House twice due to her accomplishments. She is far and away the most successful coach in women's hockey.

Naturally, she would be a perfect addition to DOCTOR Daryl Gross'
"Nobel Prize-Winning" coaching staff and she would rocket directly to the top of the Pyramid Of Success™. And of course, her hiring would be a coup for the nascent program and for DOC Gross himself.

Unfortunately for all parties (excluding Minnesota-Duluth), she ain't goin' nowhere:

"There are a lot of reasons [to stay]; one is that we have such a great program and such a great tradition here," Miller said to the Duluth News-Tribune. "It’s interesting. I’m writing notes about how great our program is to share with our team to give us confidence and I think, ‘You know, I have it so good here."

For the record, someone just decided that staying in Duluth was better than coming to Syracuse. Not promising. Fortunately, any time we want to chat, Shannon's available.

The good news? While Miller might not want the job, that opens the door for the perfect candidate...YOU! That's right, you too can apply to be head coach of the Syracuse Women's Ice Hockey Team. All you need is a bachelors degree, "strong communication, leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills and demonstrate a working knowledge of and commitment to NCAA rules." Guess that rules out Kelvin Sampson.

"International Candidates Will Be Considered." Didn't anyone check to see if Elvir Ovcina knew anything about ice hockey before he left town? Bosnia has snow, right? Somebody give him a call...he's one of us and if there's anyone I trust the hearts and minds of young, impressionable women to, it's Elvir.