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The Seventh Seed

"And when he had announced the seventh seed, there was celebration in Syracuse about the space of half an hour. And I saw the seven angels which stood before Coach Q; and to them were given seven basketballs."
-Revelations, Book of Quentin

Bracketology is in fact an exact science! Just as predicted, the Women's Basketball team has landed a 7 seed in the NCAA Tournament. The Orange head to Baton Rouge, LA to play the 10-seed Hartford Hawks (27-5) on Saturday. Should they win, they'll be likely looking at a showdown with 2-seed Texas A&M. Win there and it's off to Oklahoma City for the regionals. Peep a pdf of the entire bracket here.

There's some good video here of the women's team celebrating after the announcement is made. Hillsman seems especially relieved...surely he didn't think there was a chance the Orange would be left out, did he?

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's talk about Hartford. Even if Syracuse has the higher seed, the Hawks
have the advantage of experience, making their third trip in four years to the Big Dance. They're led by senior Danielle Hood who averages 16.1 points per game. All signs point to this being a decent test for the women's team right out of the gate.

A little mini-controversy has popped up involving some of the fellow Big East teams. UConn was awarded a #1 seed in the East. Rutgers, who was the only team to beat UConn all year and was regularly in the top five is a #2 seed. In the same regional. Rutgers coach Vivian Stringer is less than thrilled. On one hand, it's a good point. Why should two teams from the same conference who are clearly among the best in the nation have to go through each other to get to the Final Four? But on the other hand, you might want to consider the fact that you have to play three games before you even get a shot at UConn...making a big stink about this and losing in the 2nd round just makes you look like a jackass.