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The Road To Mecca Is Paved With Ice

A few days ago you heard that SU wasn't able to land it's top choice for Women's Ice Hockey coach. But fear not! This is merely a temporary setback on the road to glory. You know what, glory is so short-sighted. We're on the road to immortality!
"We’re going to make [Syracuse] the women’s hockey mecca for the country."
That's DOCTOR Daryl Gross making good on his promise to drive out the non-believers and set the bar as high as humanly possible for the new program.

According to the
D.O. Sports Blog, Gross expects to announce a coach "probably by next week." And so the Orange will finally have a leader to go with it's players (we do have players, right? We have somebody double-checking on that?). They'll soon begin practicing at the Tennity ice rink on South Campus, which will also be the team's home. Well, at least it WAS supposed to be, but that was before the whole "we-need-$1-mill-just-to-get-this-going" thing.

Hey, maybe we can use ticket sales from the Swimming & Diving program to offset some of those costs???

Oh right...

But fear not, DOC Gross has kept his options open:
"We have a couple of options: Tennity and War Memorial...We’ve been in great talks with those folks down there, where the Crunch play, and I love that atmosphere down there. They’ve done a great job with it. We’re talking about putting some more resources into that stadium."
I'm curious to know what further resources are needed. What are the demands of Women's NCAA Ice Hockey that aren't already met by a stadium that hosts AHL Hockey? I hope he's not overestimating the need for luxury boxes to watch SU take on North Dakota on a Tuesday night.