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  • Brent Axe is making a big announcement on Monday. I'm gonna guess he's the new SU D-line coach...The Axeman
  • SU men's lax will try not to have a letdown this weekend against Binghamton...SUAthletics
  • The West Virginia Birth Defects just doesn't roll off the tongue like Mountaineers, but I'm up for it they are...HolyTaco
  • The scientific way to determine if a college basketball game is out of reach...Slate
Two somewhat-Syracuse-related videos for you. First one is from an anti-war protest that took place in town the other day. Watch the woman in the blue poncho:

What the hell are you on, lady? Maybe you and your crazy American ant should stay home next time.

And speaking of the strange and hard-to-comprehend, I give you Syracuse Randy...