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OrangeTube 3/28

Let's dig in...

First up, a couple unembeddable (word?) links.

If I told you I could show you a drunk West Virginia fan singing, what else, John Denver, and jumbling up two well-known catch phrases ("I'm the king of the world" and "top of the world, ma"), is that something you'd be interested in?

Second, and this one is pretty much unmissable. I give you the entire broadcast of the 1975 North Carolina-Syracuse Sweet 16 game. That's right, folks. Cartoon graphics! A spry Marv Albert! Roy Danforth! Blue unis! Rudy Hackett! Short shorts! Boeheim in plaid! This is must-see stuff. (Thanks bigtime to Joe)

Seems eight teams in the NCAA Tournament and three teams in the Sweet 16 isn't good enough for Trev Alberts. He calls out the conference for being overrated. His reasoning? UConn blows (agreed), Notre Dame and Marquette shouldn't have lost to better seeds (Umm...), Pittsburgh should be in the Final Four (you make it sound so easy) and Georgetown shouldn't have lost to Davidson (Fine but c'mon now, shit happens). Good luck to the Big East who "only" have three teams left in the tourney.

SUAthletics has started posting videos of press conferences and interviews on the YouTubes. Here's one involving Jonny Flynn. It's not so much about Jonny though, it's all about the will-he-or-won't-he going on directly to his right as we wait with baited breathe to see if we'll get a glimpse of some Ongenass...

Otto has been kidnapped! Thankfully, we've been provided with proof of life. Sadly, for Otto, it only made us want to see him die: