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NIT Bracket Challenge, Day Two: The Reckoning

NIT Bracket Challenge, Day Two:

There is a lot of suckiness among the SU blog community. Sean from
Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician is going strong with 14 points, and there are a couple of us in the 12-13 range. But if you look down at the lower tier of the standings you will see Tom from Cuse Country and Jameson from CuseAdelphia each with a lousy ten points. And then bringing up the rear is poor Russianator, one of the Three Idiots On Sports definitely living up to his title.

Choke on it, bitches. If not for my reach with Charlotte, I would have swept the day. As it is, I'm
tied for 2nd place with 14 correct (four lucky fellows or fellowettes are tied with 15 for the lead).

Play resumes tonight and I've got Syracuse (natch) and Southern Illinois (cause the guy who sits behind me at work went there). The trophy is mine, folks.
Wait, do we get a trophy? What the hell DO we get???

(AP Photo/Nati Harnik)