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My NIT Dreams Are Going Up In Smoke

Does each region in the NIT have a name? It doesn't seem like it. But if they did, I would call the Arizona State region the Big Stupid Jerks region cause that's what Arizona State and Florida are.

Big. Stupid. Jerks.

By winning their 2nd round games they sealed the deal on that region for me. I had Southern Illinois and Rhode Island squaring off for the Final Four. Alas. The good news is that I had them meeting Syracuse, who in theory will defeat UMass, whom I also had winning this weekend. So while I took a dip in the
NIT Bracket Challenge (you can find me in the 18 point pile-up), I have not yet begun to fight.

You hear me,
P Harris is Endowed? You may be bigger in girth but you are not a better man than me. Yet.

The other half of the Elite 8 (and I use these terms loosely) will be decided Monday night. See the
full schedule and scores here.

As for the Orange, they will be seeking revenge for their
loss to the Minutemen earlier this year. A loss that is part of the reason the Orange are even here in the NIT in the first place. So you could say that there's a circular perfection to this match-up that will help cure at least one of the ills the Orange have suffered this season. In a way, winning this game will be the soul-cleansing make-good that all SU fans are in need of.

Or you could just say it's a fun coincidence.

It's probably the latter.

(AP Photo/Phil Sandlin)